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Shooting Pains Down Left Side And Neck

Yes Man o Über Mensch ?

There are those films that you only look for a laugh and movies that you watch for the first risposte.I are "disposable that usually do not see more than once or twice, maybe with friends or in situations of party. For what I think, some of these films have the same fun value (eye at the end) of weepy melodrama and splatter in bad taste .
The latter, however, are those cult films that are maintained over time, are remembered because they mark the life of one who watches them. The experience of the viewer joins the film product creates a strong evento nella coscienza. Vedere un gran film ti cambia, è inevitabile. Non sei più la stessa persona .

Nella prima categoria figura spesso l'attore Jim Carrey . Nella seconda, anche .
Oltre alle stra note doti comiche dell'attore americano, ultimamente abbiamo avuto il piacere di vederlo recitare in alcuni ruoli più profondi, spesso tralasciando anche la venatura divertente.
Per citare qualche titolo : The eternal sunshine of the spottless mind ; The number 23 ; The Truman Show e l'ultimissimo " I Love You, Phillip Morris " , all films of great artistic value upon which I very much hope to be able to linger afterwards (and maybe do it as well). For a purely chronological, though, I'd like to talk about another film that perhaps many have seen but easily overlooked: "Yes, Man!"

This film is a classic example of " middle, a bit 'as it was with Truman Show. It has a side of pure entertainment with some really funny sequences ( "I really like Red Bull!" ) and a basic idea that excites the reflection. Summarizing
at most, this is the story of one man who one day decided to change her life taken as the categorical imperative "is " in every situation imaginable. Wife new imported from abroad? It . Lessons of a useless language? It . Attending a sad Harry Potter themed party? Yes!
No matter WHAT , you must accept.

It's actually very simple as the plot, we might recall the distant " Liar, liar " or " Bruce almighty ", always (in fact) with Jim Carrey in the lead roles, the mode of development of events, although in this case there is no magic background. The decision of character to say "yes" to everything that life has taken it knowingly, forcing its will and way of life radically changing .
This is precisely the key to interpreting the intentions of this film mature. It differs substantively from the classic American comedies paradoxical by the fact that the events are, in a certain way, but nothing out of the ordinary is great. It is not forced by anyone, potrebbe scindere questo patto da un momento all'altro, non c'è nessun elemento esterno che lo obbliga, nessuna fidanzata lo lascia (oddio, in realtà si, però è fondamentale per acquistare la consapevolezza) e nessun bambino conta su di lui per avere nuovamente una famiglia riunita e felice.

  • Il protagonista prende in mano le redini della sua vita inconsapevole e, per viverla al meglio, si basa su un concetto , un'idea, seguendola ciecamente in un primo periodo, per poi interiorizzarla completamente in un secondo momento. Il “si” rientra nella definizione kantiana del termine “ formale ” indicando la modalità (accettare sempre) ma mai il content of the action to be taken, which varies in each case. This first moment of the life of Carl coincides with the first half of the film, where the protagonist makes the fundamental decision to become a YES MAN (away from its current state of NO MAN ) without even knowing what it is precisely because it requires a change of perspective.
  • The second phase involves, instead, a reflection by the person who performs the action. There is more than blind allegiance to the ideal, why this was demolished by the words "guru" of the film (the founder of the Yes Man ) so that even the imperative smette di essere categorico e viene, finalmente, posto sul piano del dubbio . Avviene in questo modo quel passo avanti che, a mio avviso, è fondamentale per comprendere il grande apporto “ benefico ” di questo film verso chi lo guarda. Carl accetta le possibilità dell'esistenza ponendosi in maniera positiva verso di questa, senza accettare tutto inconsapevolmente, ma neanche rifiutando ogni novità che gli viene suggerita. Ora lui ha le capacità per valutare il meglio all'interno di una situazione. Il “Si” è ormai parte di lui, non ha più bisogno di imporsi sulla sua volontà, perché questa si è automaticamente conformata al si.
    Carl ha detto “ si alla vita ” così come ci consiglia Nietzsche , ha ascoltato la sua volontà e ne ha fatto potenza .
Non vi nascondo che questo film mi è stato di grande aiuto, principalmente per quella che è stata la mia esperienza di vita , per cui la passione con cui ne parlo non è affatto “accademica” ma genuina e originaria. Spesso è facile ritrovarsi nelle situazioni di un film, magari dopo averlo visto, ci si fa una risata sopra. Yes Man è la fotocopia della mia vita. Non scherzo! Solo che, fortunatamente, I saw him after my direct personal film "and be left out of a situation NO MAN full-blown.
Second part fully in the ethical issues that are usually dealt with in my studies in philosophy, in fact, the "step forward" were talking about is very similar to that exercised by the 'phenomenological ethics than Kantian . The merit of Husserl , father of phenomenology, in its "Lessons of formal ethics" , was to give meaning to existence. To fill again the content of moral action.
does not make sense say yes to everything, that you understand very well the adventures / misadventures of Carl. And 'only the first step, however crucial to the openness to life, but you must complete this experience and become involved in their choices to the end, without being blinded by a principle, as "good" might be. I'm also talking of holy wars, fundamentalism and all those doctrines which close their eyes open instead of permanently.
The ethics of choice is the film's end, as the final appearance of a long and arduous process that involves a strong-willed character that even a seemingly inept, like Carl is able to convey.

Jim Carrey, as always, manages to make us laugh (and long) but this time we talk about ourselves and how you can change without letting go. We report a sequence (please click!) , really funny, where the protagonist is being scolded just always been a "living dead .

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Best Printer For Graphic Designers 2010


.. our beautiful "pazzarella"

Dog Has Dark Spots On Belly That Are Pealing

La "lista di nozze" pe r ricostruire il CANIGLIO!! !

non ricevendo alcun tipo di contributo esterno....dobbiamo contare sugli amici e sugli amanti degli animali...e su chi vorrà aiutare i nostri "monelli" ad avere una cas a nuova!!!!

.... is playing the "wedding list" for the reconstruction of Caniglia ... in s peranza that we all give u na hand / paw!!

to better see the listing .... ...... click on it ;-)

this is the updated table with the shares donated to the March 7, 2010 .. and that was addition also a new entry WORKS. We thought it could do it alone, but unfortunately it is more difficult than expected, and then with all the goodwill we can not and so we turn to professionals, whose cost is estimated at € 10,000.00!

In the first column of the table are the main items that are needed for the new kennels, near the quantity and its unit value

last column is the value of a single dimension related to each item (for almost all items there are 100 shares, except one item which has 140 units!).

E 'can participate in the "wedding list" by making a deposit into account no Payable to THE Caniglia 402868/83 ABI 06230 CAB 02802 IBAN IT53X0623002802000040286883 or using key "donation" with PAYPAL ( button on the left side of our blog ) for the amount of one (or more) units of an item (or items) and indicate the reason for the payment of the item (or items) for which you made the payment -but any amount donation will be welcome .. there is so much to do as they say "everything is' soup ;-) - ... In this way you will be climbing through the entries and ... the kennel will be built better and faster!

... and so we can all say: "... and lived happily ever after!"

A heartfelt thanks for the great help they gave us:
(for the generous donation we have associated "symbolic" one item of expenditure)

1) Barbara R . for a fee for sewerage Kennels
2) Barbara S . for 2 shares for fence posts mt. 2.5
3) Ivette B. for 4 odds for the house kitchen / storage / infirmary
4) Julia A. 2 per share for fencing poles mt.2, 5
5) Carla C. 2 per share for the fence posts mt. 2.5 and 1 share for sewerage
6) Chiara Z. Shop Zei Kennel for 10 units to house the kitchen / storage / infirmary
7) Victoria S. for a portion of the doghouse for sewerage

8) Nicola DR panel welded to a share Fencing
9) Rita C. and Stephen P. 2 quotes for fencing poles mt.2, 5
10) Osvaldo R. and Gabriella C. 2 quotes for large house
11) Cristina B. 3 quotes for fencing panel elettosaldato
12) Manlio M. for a portion of the doghouse for sewerage
13) Elena A. for 5 units and 3 units piastrelloni panel electro
14) Paul D. 2 per share for the sewer portion of the doghouse and a panel electro
15) Alexander I. and Claudia F. welded panel for 5 shares
16) Donald F. Canopies for 1 share for houses
17) Alex M. for 2 share poles with fencing mt. 2.5
18) Nadia M. and Laura M. Canopies for 10 shares for 1 share and houses to the sewer of the kennel
19) Marina A. A. Giordano and dear 's Magical Cats Academy for 4 odds for the house kitchen / storage / infirmary
20) Alessia M. Canopies for 1 share for houses
21) Carla I. to share a kennel sewer
22) Gabriella M. and Elisa pe 8 fees for the apartment kitchen / storage / infirmary
22) Barbara L. welded panel for 4 shares 3m * 2m fencing
23) Paul B. 2 shares for 1 share and sewer panel elettosaldato
24) Martha M. , CICC and GAIA for 2 units big houses, sheds for a share houses, units 7 panel electro
25) Rita C. and Stephen P. welded panel for 3 shares
26) Delia V. 2 quotes for kitchen / storage / infirmary
27) Antonio S. to share a house and a large share panel electro
28) Paola G. 5 shares for sewer
29) Joan, voluntary fields, for 2 shares of fence poles
30) Barbara B. welded panel for 10 shares
31) James G. and Monica F. welded panel for 5 shares
32) Lisa R. piastrelloni for 5 shares, 1 share and 1 share elettosaldato panel sewer
33) Catherine H. 2 quotes for kitchen / storage / infirmary
34) Barbara G. to share a kennel sewer
35) Vincent Joseph I. to share a panel electro
36) THE CERCAPADRONE Onlus piastrelloni shares for 5 shares and 2 poles, fence
37) Michael L. to share a kennel sewer
38) DM Mark and Monica G. great house for 5 shares, 5 shares sheds for houses, units piastrelloni 5, 4 Odds fencing poles
39) Guia P. 2 quotes for kitchen / storage / infirmary
40) Fabio T. Sara and welded panel for 5 shares
Lucia B. per 1 quota casetta grande
42) Deborah M. for a large share house
43) Marina B. to share a panel electro
44)Cristina L. per 4quote cucina/deposito/infermeria
45)Lorenzo G. per 1 quota pannello elettrosaldato
46) Valfredo V. e Martina per 1 quota casetta grande
47) Francesca D. per 5 quote fognatura canile
48) Matteo M. per 1 quota pannello elettrosaldato
49)Elena G. per 5 quote casette grandi
50) Paola R. per 1 quota pannello elettrosaldato
51) Rita S. per 1 quota fognatura canile
52) Marco U. per 1 quota pali di recinzione
53) Elena P. per 1 quota pali di recinzione
54) Francesca T. per 1 quota fognatura canile
55) Antonio G. e Laura B. per 2 quote pannello elettrosaldato
56) Veronica C. e Daniela C. per 2 quote pali recinzione
57) Rita C. per 1 quota fognatura e 1 quota pannello elettrosaldato
58) Laura T. per 2 quote cucina/deposito/infermeria
59) Stefano R. per 10 quote piastrelloni ed 1 quota pannello elettrosaldato
60) Carolina P. per 10 quote cucina/deposito/infermeria
61) Natascia B. per 5 quote piastrelloni
62) Gianna N. e Massimo T. per 2 quote cucina/deposito/infermeria
63) Silvia e Serena A. per 5 quote tettoie per casette e 1 quota pannello elettrosaldato
64) Dipendenti Vigili del Fuoco e Amici Simpatizzanti per 6 quote cucina/deposito /infermeria
65) Duccio A. per 2 quote pannello elettrosaldato
66) Cristina P. per 1 quota per tettoie casette e 1 quota piastrelloni
67) Tessa G, Pamela Q., Paolo G., Forese G., Bilbo e Pimpa per 4 quote pali recinzione per 5 quote casette grande per 5 quote piastrelloni per 5 quote tettoie per casette
68) Chiara B. per 5 quote pannello elettrosaldato
69) Marco D.M., Monica G. ed Argo per 4 quote cucina/deposito/infermeria
70) Giuseppe I. per 2 quote pali di recinzione
71) Denise, Sergio, Romana e Susanna di Torino per 5 quote sheds for houses and 6 panel shares electro
72) Simon B. and Nicola Z. 2 quotes for large house, share a sewer, a shed to house share
73) Gabriella L. welded panel for 2 shares
74) Belinda F. welded panel for 5 shares
75) Friends of the Refuge Doghouse Lawn for 3 units work
76) Grace M. 2 quotes for fence posts
77) Manuel F. to share a kitchen / storage / infirmary